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Atlanta Belt Company “C4 Belts” Launches Nationwide

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Atlanta Belt Company “C4 Belts” Launches Nationwide

New Eco-Friendly, Versatile Belts Teach Consumers to Give Back

ATLANTA – In just seven months, C4 Belts ( has become one of the most sought after fashion accessories in America - causing a complete revolution in the belt industry.  The belts, the invention of four frustrated but creative twenty-something friends, are so versatile you can create over 400 color combinations.  20 colors + 20 buckles = 400 possible combinations.  The belts, created for both men and women, can be custom fit to any size, are waterproof and feature two strong social responsibility components:  C4 Belts are fully recyclable and each customer votes for one of four charities to support at the end of each purchase.
Currently in over 275 stores nationwide, C4 means “Choose your Color. Choose your Cause.” It’s a bit of a radical, new idea but one where individualism in style and elevated social consciousness unite.
Four American friends, led by Jason Tanenbaum and Robbie Hart, discouraged by the recession but anxious to put their college Chinese classes to good use, set out for Shanghai in 2010.  Happy to discover a new culture, they found they could find great watches, shoes and other clothing to make fashion statements, but were all commonly frustrated by one thing:  their boring, leather belts.  Leather was ruined by rain. Leather stretched if a bigger friend “borrowed” it. And worst of all, leather reminded them of their parents. They knew their watches never stretched and were waterproof. Why couldn't a belt be created from the same material?
It turns out this recyclable material, known as thermoplastic elastomer (TPE plastic), is the same stuff used to make medical devices like catheters and the tread in snowmobile tracks.  The friends knew TPE would never stretch, would be waterproof and eco-friendly, and it sure wouldn't be something their parents would wear.  Two months and much talking, sketching, arguing and erasing later, the C4 concept was born.  Add in social responsibility and the concept is truly something radically different from any belt line on the market today. 

C4 supports four charities and customers “vote” at the end of each purchase for which organization their purchase will benefit.  Current charity partners include: The Boys and Girls Clubs of America, The Human Rights Campaign, Project Kaisei and Kiva. 
C4 belts retail for $25.  For more information, please visit:
About C4 Belts, Inc.
C4 belts unite individual style and elevated social consciousness.  The invention of three twenty-something entrepreneurs, the national line of belts are fully recyclable, waterproof, can be custom to fit any size and come in over 400 color combinations.  20 colors + 20 buckles = 400 possible combinations.  C4 stands for “Choose your Color. Choose your Cause” and supports four charities where customers vote at the end of each purchase for which organization their purchase will benefit.  Currently available in over 275 stores, the company is headquartered in Sandy Springs, Georgia.  Visit the website for retail locations and WE:R:C4, which showcases real customers and fans in action:

Atlanta Company Curious Provisions Launch “Thumpers” Nationwide

Atlanta Company Curious Provisions Launch “Thumpers” Nationwide
One-of-a-Kind Rechargeable Vintage Suitcase Boomboxes Deliver a Fusion of Art & Music

ATLANTA – October 31, 2012 – David Preiss and Javier Santana, founders of the Atlanta-based company Curious Provisions are excited to announce the national launch of “Thumper,” a one-of-a-kind rechargeable boombox made from a vintage suitcase and authentic hi-fi speakers.  Thumpers deliver a surprising blend of functional upcycled décor for art lovers and audio excellence for music aficionados.  Each Thumper is a unique, one-of-a-kind creation that blends hi-fidelity with vintage history.

David Preiss and Javier Santana were inspired to create these retro boomboxes while they were renovating and redecorating their digital design studio in Atlanta.  They crafted desks from vintage sewing machine treadles and fashioned a huge conference table from plumbing pipes and recycled barn wood. Then, Javier found a pair of Cerwin-Vega speakers and an old Sony receiver on Craigslist.  He later found a couple of vintage suitcases while thrifting and thought they'd be cool decor.  He imagined it might be even more interesting to pull the speakers from their banged up cabinets and combine them with the suitcases.  Combining skills he learned while hanging out at his cousin’s car audio tech shop, Javier amped up that suitcase, creating a boombox with killer audio.  

Thumpers are portable and rechargeable. They work with any mobile device or laptop, which are connected via an included audio auxiliary cable. Most Thumpers come with volume, bass and treble controls mounted on the side. They can be recharged after around 8 hours of playtime using the included battery charger. Music can also be streamed wirelessly with a bluetooth adapter and any Thumper can become a guitar amp using the iRig™ adapter accessory (sold separately).

As functional art that combines previously forgotten items of our past, Thumpers particularly appeal to lovers of upcycling. Each Thumper is custom-designed and hand-crafted in Atlanta for a balanced aesthetic appeal.  David and Javier match each authentic case to a speaker system, not just fitting things into a space, but combining elements that belong together.  Most of the cases date from the 1920s to the late 1960s and are made of wood, which create perfect audio cabinets.  The guys salvage the crossovers from inside the speaker cabinets and use them for high fidelity and add acoustic foam to reduce vibration. Thumpers typically use a 12-volt rechargeable battery and a 40-watt amplifier.  

Handcrafted in Atlanta’s King Plow Arts Center, prices range from $590 to $790.  

For more information and photos, please visit:


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