Thursday, August 5, 2010


Behind the Scene of Shorty Mack video shoot!
Music Video coming soon, but here is just a preview of what the fans can expect when the video is launched.

The Newest

Bow Wow 
Plus Checkout The newest Single 
August 22 Greelight 3 
Text Bow to 79922 to see @BowWow new video "For my hood" on 106 & Park
Bow Wow- What I Do (Directed By Rico) - Why They Hatin (explicit)

Lil Twist ft. Bow Wow

Little Secret
Lil Twist ft. Bow Wow

Little Secret
you can also vote by texting LiL to 79922!! #VoteForLilSecret
Cortez Bryant
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Your Love Remix

Your Love Remix

Recently Chris Brown Remixed Nicki Minaj's newest single "Your Love" and it was released on and the remix is beyond the anticipation to see what he will do next. Chris Brown has really stepped up his game when it comes to producing hits or remixing them. You can sit back and let the lyrics wash over you while your ears engulf his incredible voice. So enjoy and make sure if you haven't already bought a copy of Graffiti or downloaded Fan of a Fan. Chris Brown teamed up with many great artist to bring you the music you love to hear Fan of a Fan ( ) was created by Tyga and Chris Brown and featured Kevin McCall a sky rocketing artist. Chris Brown is also working on his personal organization that will cover and benefit a wide range of major issues. So stay tuned for the details of his personal organization called Symphonic Love Foundation.

Also Checkout "Takers" the newest hot thriller movie coming to theaters soon! 

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