Sunday, July 4, 2010


Hazel-E  the hottest rapper from the valley and if you don't know her you need to. This young women has taken music by storm and her fashion is always on point. Hazel-E has collaborated with some of the biggest names in the industry and has hosted some of the biggest parties we only dream of getting in! However when she's not hosting major parties or events, or knocking out hits in the studio's she's joining forces to make a change for the better! Hazel-E and longtime friend Tearria Mari joined the NoH8 campaign movement (Prop 8 was the official banning of Gay marriages) and Hazel-E and longtime friend and singer Tearria Mari took a stand together! However when it comes to fashion she's always pushing the envelope and we want more! From custom jewelery by Laureluxe to her shoes and yes no outfit is complete without a fabulous pair of shoes and we envy the style, however we already know that it's unlikely we will ever see a pair of these in our closets!

She's not your average valley girl she's a rapper, fashionista, actress and women of the business. she has done it all from behind the scenes to the front view we love to see her in. She's collaborated with some of the hottest stars in the music game her single with one of the hottest upcoming artist YG. "Party Like that" ft. YG this single was buzzing the very second the release was confirmed, however it's her hit single "Valley Girl"  this video featured many names of the biggest names in the business! Then you have the very hot single "Pop My Butt" ft.Asia Lynn  nonstop tracks to dance to and place on replay. However if you don't have a copy of her mixtape "Shoe Fetish Edition" this mixtape is beyond explosive and a pure classic dancers dream! However there is so much more she was featured in Soulja Boy's video "All Black Everything" and she even preformed at the Lebron James Nike event! She's graced  the hottest magazines you shouldn't blink because you'll miss something amazing so stay tuned! She gave us all a theme song "Frenemy" however "Hot Topic" ft. Ya Boy is the joint and makes you want to pat yourself on the back!


Hazel-E ft. YG - Party Like That 

Hazel-E - Valley Girl 

Soulja Boy -All Black Everything ft. Hazel -E



Who is taking a strong stand on standards none other then David Banner and his good longtime friend 9TH Wonder? "Death Of A Popstar" is the album of the decade and from the snippets that fans have heard we are not ready but so appreciative of the movement! David Banner has joined forces for the first time with 9TH Wonder to bring out the music the game has long for without the "Political stress" of the machine! We recently saw the direction this album was taking with the release of "Slow Down" which featured Core Models own Marquita "Ms. Hollywood" Childress herself. The video is a deeper look into what we can expect, however it's the lyrics that draw you in making you pay attention! David Banner made some very thought provoking statements in his above discussion of "Death Of A Popstar" I hope your listening! This is a movement that needs to be stood by, many of us have lost focus and even have lost our appreciation for the music we are rooted in deeply! However it's not just a movement it's a mind opening chance to change the way we listen, react, and live! So this is just a taste of what's to come, and the artist have already started to follow suite and support the amazing efforts of these two well accomplished men! This discussion was held at 92Y TriBeca also please be advised of the language! However you can't help but feel the passion behind this movement, and applaud however it's not just about supporting vocally but physically with the actions to promote change! Many of us have can  help but don't and now is the time to do what we can with what we have! So go out and support "Death Of A Popstar" and do something positive in your community no more complaining if your not willing to WORK!


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