Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Travie McCoy

 Travie McCoy ft. T-Pain & Young Cash 
The Manuel

Travie McCoy has done it again and collaborated with T-Pain and Young Cash to create "THE MANUEL". The video is a creative edge that we have grown to love from Travie, "LAZARUS" his solo album from his group "THE GYM CLASS HEROES"  this is his first album apart for the group. However "LAZARUS" is filled with nonstop music that us true music lover's enjoy! Dr. Feel Good ft. Cee Lo Green this track is a must hear and must have! Billionaire ft. Bruno Mars another track featured on this amazing album and the video is just as unique as the song!Travie McCoy has proven that in a group or solo he has the talent to create hits, and nonstop music we all crave! So enjoy and make sure you get your copies of this amazing album as well the singles! 
Billionaire ft. Bruno Mars
Travie McCoy - Superbad 

"GREENER" - Fonzworth Bentley Ft. Anthony Hamilton

 "GREENER" is the newest song and video from Fonzworth Bentley we have been waiting patiently for this hot track and now the video is here! It's featuring Anthony Hamilton who's soulful voice we all love and send chills up the spin with his soul touching lyrics. "Greener"  is that song we can all relate to and replay over and over again, it's a song that is gaining major buzz for all the right reasons! Mr.Bentley has done it once again giving us music not only that we can enjoy but play while moving on to the next! We all have wondered is it really better on the other side, can someone really be better then what we have? The video is colorful and fun yet it's to the point as always Mr.Bentley has added a new element to music so enjoy!


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