Thursday, June 3, 2010

Los Angeles Lakers vs. Boston Celtics Game 1 Finals Tonight

The Lakers have a challenge ahead of them tonight, not saying the Suns weren't a challenge! However the Celtic's are old champs who want the glory again! The Celtic's have battled for this spot and now they have the rings in their sight!  Once again these two teams face off for the glory and bragging rights of being CHAMPS again! The Celtic's have 17 championships under their belts last time they were this close was in 2008 meanwhile the Laker's have 15 championships last time they were center stage was 2009! The line up for these two teams is huge, the MVP's for these two teams make this year's NBA Championship Finals even bigger! Who is walking away tonight in Game 1 with the upper hand and who is walking away back to the drawing board!


When you take beauty, intelligence,and the combination of street/business knowledge what do you get? Marquita "Ms. Hollywood" Childress and she is the future of what models are becoming. She is the standard of combination of what hard work will get you every-time. Making the intellectual weigh over beauty but not limiting her beauty but wanting to be looked at more then just an object! Marquita was born October 24th in Detroit, Michigan and even at a young age her talent was being exposed. She was moved at the age of seven to Franklin, Tennessee where the question was raised " What she wanted to be when she grew up." without a hesitation she replied "A Model".  Once she graduated from high school she took it on steps further to pursue her career. She attended Norfolk State University she studied Mass Communication and realized she wanted to cover more then just modeling. She studied modeling, promoting, and even business she has taking her career and dream from all angles and not missing a step. She takes the industry by storm and has worked with so many amazing artist and has ventured into so many new projects. Do not blink because you will miss her and the greatness!

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