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Bow Wow ft. Trey Songz - Midnight Magic

Bow Wow ft. Trey Songz 
Ladies did you see this collaboration coming cause I don't many did, but no complaints I hear it's all smiles! Twitter posted the announcement that the single was just released today for the fans! Twitter only took a second before the fans grabbed a hold to the tweets and started to download and retweet! This is double bonus for both Trey Songz fans and Bow Wow's fans giving them a collaboration that might lead to more! Who knows maybe even a video one day from these two! However mixed reviews are starting to stir many think it's too R&B vibe for the rapper we know in Bow Wow however I feel the best part about an artist is versatility being able to reach your fans everywhere! So it's up to you decided like it or dump it either way these two have fans buzzing so enjoy the song is trageted for the grown and sexy you have been advised! 

To Download: 

Kayne West - Power ft. Dwele (His Comeback Track)

"Power" ft. Dwele is the newest single produced by Kanye West! His comeback it a heavy statement to the industry and us all! Kanye had taken a leave of absence for sometime the last time we saw him it was on his heartfelt  break down on the Jay Leno show! You had to be moved by the Kanye we all saw sitting in that chair as he opened up about losing his way! His mothers passing was too much and the pressure, the business only added to the problems! However that was the past and he's BACK and from the sound of it he hasn't lost a step but yet improved on the music we love to hear him produce! The beat is what lures you in and keeps you locked! The lyrics wash over your soul, and has your heart paying much attention! Don't call it a Comeback this was a considered break to refresh the music we love! So enjoy and download if you like, but Kanye is back with a statement so I hope you hear loud and clear!However the Lyrics are explicit so please be advised!

The Lyrics to "Power" ft. Dwele 
I’m livin’ in the 21st century
Doin’ something mean to it
Do it better than anybody you ever seen do it
Screams from the ’80s, got a nice ring to it
I guess every superhero need his own theme music
No one man should have all that power
The clock’s tickin’, I just count the hours
Stop trippin’, I’m trippin’ off the power
(21st century schizoid man)
The system broken, the schools closed, the prisons open
We ain’t got nothin’ to lose, ma’fucka, we rollin’
Huh? Ma’fucka, we rollin’
With some light-skinned girls and some Kelly Rowlands
In this white man world, we the ones chosen
So goodnight, cruel world, I see you in the mornin’
Huh? I see you in the mornin’
This is way too much, I need a moment
No one man should have all that power
The clock’s tickin’, I just count the hours
Stop trippin’, I’m trippin’ off the power
‘Til then, fuck that, the world’s ours
And then they (Go)
And then they
And then they (Go)
And then they (21st century schizoid man)
Fuck SNL and the whole cast
Tell ‘em Yeezy said they can kiss my whole ass
More specifically, they can kiss my asshole
I’m an asshole? You niggas got jugs
You short-minded niggas’ thoughts is Napoleon
My furs is Mongolian, my ice, brought the Dodies in
Now I embody every characteristic of the egotistic
He know, he so, fuckin’ gifted
I just needed time alone, with my own thoughts
Got treasures in my mind, but couldn’t open up my own vault
My childlike creativity, purity and honesty
Is honestly being prodded by these grown thoughts
Reality is catchin’ up with me
Takin’ my inner child, I’m fighting for it, custody
With these responsibilities that they entrusted me
As I look down at my dia-mond-encrusted piece
Nigga, no one man should have all that power
The clock’s tickin’, I just count the hours
Stop trippin’, I’m trippin’ off the power
‘Til then, fuck that, the world’s ours
And then they (Go)
And then they
And then they (Go)
And then they
And then they (Go)
And then they (21st century schizoid man)
Holy, powers, Austin, Powers
Lost in translation with a whole fuckin’ nation
They say I was the obamanation of Obama’s nation
Well, that’s a pretty bad way to start the conversation
At the end of day, goddammit, I’m killin’ this shit
I know damn well y’all feelin’ this shit
I don’t need yo’ pussy, bitch, I’m on my own dick
I ain’t gotta power trip, who you goin’ home with?
How ‘Ye doin’? I’m survivin’
I was drinkin’ earlier, now I’m drivin’
Where the bad bitches, huh? Where ya hidin’?
I got the power, make yo’ life so excitin’ (So excitin’)
Now this’ll be a beautiful death
Jumpin’ out the window
Lettin’ everything go
Lettin’ everything go
Now this’ll be a beautiful death
Jumpin’ out the window
Lettin’ everything go
Lettin’ everything go
Now this’ll be a beautiful death
Jumpin’ out the window
Lettin’ everything go
Lettin’ everything go
Now this’ll be a beautiful death
Jumpin’ out the window
Lettin’ everything go
Lettin’ everything go
You got the power to let power come

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Thursday, May 27, 2010

LaureLuxe - Where Fashion Meets Jewelry

Where fashion meets Jewelry a concept maybe never heard of before ,but yet it was a vision that taking off! If you haven't heard of LaureLuxe yet you might want to check your pulse, this line is everywhere. My bet is your favorite celebrity is already rocking the line! So far we have seen D.Woods rocking out in her Nevins Earrings by LaureLuxe. She is not the one Celebrity in Hollywood wearing the hottest trending jewelry. If you remember from Rip The Runway, Nicki Minaj stepped it up rocking the line over her designer dress by no other then LaQuan Smith, and rocked the LaureLuxe brand on her shoulders. Then if you noticed that very sexy fashion in the newly released video "Sex Room" Trey Songz ft. Ludacris yes that is by LaureLuxe and you can't help but want your own custom made piece! Then in case you missed the issue in J'ADORE Mag  issue here you go ( ) and the line speaks for it self, and the captured beauty that is hand crafted in each designer piece!  Then if you missed the interview that gave you the inside view to this fashion check it out here in Honey Mag ( ) Then being featured on ЯU MYNT Mag the slogan says it all " Where Artist  are MYNT to be" ( ) Then being featured in GIANT Magazine  where the model really showed off why the line is so hot! 
Then the feature in 5 Point Magazine cover the fashion show that stopped traffic in it's tracks.LaureLuxe is here to stay and no one can shut them down!To see the article in 5 Point Magazine 
To Find out more LaureLuxe : 
Also don't forget to checkout their radio show :
Hour Fri 12-1pm on 

TI & Keri Hilson - Got Your Back

TI ft. Keri Hilson - Got Your Back 
Yes it's true Keri Hilson and TI teamed up to create a hit of the summer! The theme this years seems to be that you just want someone who will be there! Many artist seem to be saying what we all have been thinking lately it seems! First it was Chris Brown ft. Tyga saying that they just want a "Regular Girl" not someone in it for the fame or lights, but a buddy who is there at the end of the day! Someone who will laugh with them and be a support without the added drama! Then we heard loud and clear from Trey Songz ft. Keri Hilson "Yo Side of the Bed" there is nothing like having that someone special and when they are missing it's hard! You just want them back on that side of the bed! "Got Your Back" is just the theme we can all stand by at the end of the day you want someone who stands for you! A person who knows how to be there no matter what that has your best interest at heart without any personal investments in self! That is just there keeping it fly without staying on point, never letting rumors lead us instead of trust!  TI the KING is back and he has given us many great tracks with his return, and many features to add under his belt! However this track hits home at the end of the day you want someone who has been there and will continue to be there no matter what! 
Download link :

Red Cafe (Mixtape) No Witnesses

This Mixtape was dropped at midnight this week! The fans have been waiting to hear from Red Cafe and the wait was over May 25th around midnight! This mixtapes has many featured artist on it that add to the tracks as only they can so enjoy and download if you like!"Opening Act"  starts this mixtape off and it's chilling to the ears because you know no one can be left alive! Which leads into the next track entitled "No Witnesses"  enough said, it just explains the title and why no one can be left behind! This mixtape brought out the big guns "Chop Em Down" ft. Rick Ross & Busta Rhymes  the beat is hot, but it's the added bonus of these two artist that really add to the fire on this track! "Be Alright" ft. Lore'l & Ross Fortune the track that pulls you in from the beat. This track can be a love it or like it but either way it's a replay!"This is it (Luchini 2010)" ft. Fabolous was the added bonus on this track! It's a easy to enjoy track but it's the beat that really makes this hit lovable! Then you know it was coming "I'm Ill"  pt. 3 ft. Fabolous, Llyod Banks, Jadakiss and Lore'l  this track was opened by Jadakiss. This track has been gaining major buzz from the very first time we heard it, that beat is something serious! Then you added all these artist who all bring something special to anything they touch look out! "Seen Money" ft. Akon  yes Akon is back the beat is what really engages the ears! The hook is solid you'll have this track on repeat guaranteed. However parental advisory is advised due to the language, and content of the songs on this track! Many mixed reviews on this mixtape however music is up to interpenetration so you like, love, hate either way it's your choice! No Witnesses Hosted by Ill Will & DJ Rockstar only the best to work with!

Download link:

I'm Ill ft. Fabolous

Rick Ross (Mixtape) The Albert Anastasia EP

This summer has produced some major mixtapes and now adding to this summer's list! Rick Ross his mixtape has been in the works for a minute, but it was released today! Yes Rick Ross has dropped "The Albert Anastasia EP" this mixtape has some major names featured. Only Rick Ross would have P.Diddy cover the intro that starts off this major mixtape! Every track has it's takes you further deeper into this mixtape, however listeners beware the language this not for young ears so caution advised! "Blown' Money Fast" (B.M.F) ft. Styles P  this track is a slow starter but it picks up and pending on your taste is might be a hit or miss for you! "Gotti Family" ft. Yo Gotti  the beat is killer your drawn in from the opening and engaged until the end! Easily this is the top of replays list. "All I Need" ft. Birdman & Trey Songz  you already know if Trey Songz is on it the ladies are listening! This track seems to add to the theme this summer of wanting someone who holds it down, and is always there for you."Sweet Life" ft. John Legend enough said you already know that this collaboration is a music lovers dream! John Legend always brings the soulfulness to any track he's on, and Rick Ross the Boss says it all about the "Sweet Life".Then "Super High" ft. Neyo we have all seen the video that featured the very beautiful and ageless Stacey Dash among other famous cameo's!  Neyo always brings out the hooks, and highlights any track he's featured on, but the video says it all visually. However the track is a replay and goes on the list of top choices. Taking it back to the rap game of classic proportions "Knife fight" ft. Kool G Rap  the beat gives you the feel as if you just stepped back in time!Your mind is washed over with the lyrical genius poured into this track,this takes you back to what rap use to be like so enjoy! Where there is a part I there has to be a part II so here it is."White Sand" pt. II ft. Triple C's  mixed reviews on this track it's up to the listeners taste however you have plenty to choose from on this mixtape if this isn't your track!There is a bonus track included "Nasty" ft. Masspikes Mikes the hook and beat is a instant trap for the mind. However it's a parental advisory track as well the language and suggestive so listeners you have been advised!

Download Link :
Super High ft. Neyo 


Long awaited video was finally released this week! We have seen the pre-views, listened to the hot track but now the video is out! Not to mention it was well worth the wait, Trey Songz turned it down for this video, but still very sexy. We were all thinking it was going to be like "Neighbors Know My Name"  we just knew it. However we were surprised with the classy sexiness! The  "Sex Room" where anything is possible and your fantasies are filled beyond any expectations! Every scene in the video takes you to another place it's very clever and the shower scene very sexy! However you should have known that Trey and Ludacris was going to step it up with the fashion in this video! However the women in the video were rocking some of the hottest fashion to hit jewelry! Yes LaureLuxe Jewelry  was featured in the video throughout some major scenes! The exclusive line that caters to fashion and accessories! So enjoy the fashion and the music either way your pallet is filled with this video!

Monday, May 24, 2010




[619 WASHINGTON AVE. SOUTH BEACH. 305.978.0954]

20 Biscayne Blvd. Downtown Miami
(corner of Flagler & Biscayne Blvd.)
For More Info: 305.978.0954




Video Debut Chris Brown 'No Bullshit' from Gloob Marketing on Vimeo.

  The color set's the tone, the old Hollywood smoky vibe, as Chris Brown sits on the couch the beat starts and your hooked. As he stands in the corner of the room the spotlight hits me just as the songs beings to build! You can just tell that the special lady is in for a treat! The roof top was sexy the dancing in the dark as the beat washes over him, the anticipation builds with every clip! For those who don't know this is the first leading lady Chris Brown has kissed in a video! It was well worth the wait, this young man is now beyond grown an sexy!The Song was first heard off the IN MY ZONE mixtape,  Bull Sh*t features Kevin McCall and ladies his voice is sexy!The sexiness from the tattoo's and Chris Brown taking his time not rushing the video, his facial expressions is taking all the attention! Chris Brown treats her like it's her special night, the fashion in the video very SEXY!! The suspenders, the shades very classic gangster, but yet you get that vibe it's dangerous in a great way! Not to mention the shower scene, the orgasmic four-play all factors in this video! Well this video was the second video released this week by Chris Brown the first video has been generating a buzz to hard to ignore!


Deuces is the newest track off the hit mixtape "Fan of a Fan" which Chris Brown teamed up with Young Money's own Tyga and generated the summer's hottest mixtape! Deuces is that track you play when you have had enough, the drama has taken it's toll! Famous lines by Tyga "My heart is big but it beats quite."  or even "Trying to see eye to eye but we both blind." We have have all been there and this track just says what you didn't or couldn't! The classic black and white theme was timeless but yet it was the energy that really made this video! Kevin McCall says "All that attitude I don't care about, but all that Sh*t I do for her you gone hear about it." Chris Brown says it all "Always hoping for the worse,always waiting for me to fuck up, you'll regret the day I find another girl." or "I know you mad but so what." The whole video is breath taking Chris Brown has raised the bar on dancing for dancers every where in this video! Chris Brown is flying in some parts, but the whole tunnel and underground vibe only adds to the suspense of the video! Even the ripping of the shirt in the dark you can feel the liberation from here! Those flips wow speechless if there was ever any doubt in the minds this video squashed them all! So enjoy and tell those in your life that are just taking up space "DEUCES I'm  moving on to something better!" The video was very sexy TYGA, CHRIS BROWN, KEVIN McCALL all did their thing in this track no wonder greatness sounds so good!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Lil Dee & DJ Arsenal - The Spokesman (Mixtape)

The Spokesman is finally here, and has 16 nonstop tracks that bring music back to the high point! Lil Dee always brings the tracks that make music come to life in a way that tells a story. Making music the focus as the lyrics wash over your ears and sets the tone for the atmosphere of great music to consume your attention!  Lil Dee has been working hard on this mixtape but then again when it's your dream and passion it's not considered work, but fun. Every track is a hit and nonstop continuous play and you'll want to replay over and over again! However they say the proof is in the pudding so listen for yourself and download some of the greatest music to come to life today! Straight from New Orleans and was even called "The Future of New Orleans" by T.I the King himself! Spokesman the introduction the very start of the mixtape grabs your attention and holds it there. Then you have Searchin we have all been there, the beat is amazing but the organic original lyrics is what really pulls you to want more from this track! N.O Girl this track is a must hear and stand up for the ladies in New Orleans women. Soul Ain't 4 Sale enough said but a track that many can identify with and can just sit back bobbing your head and enjoy! Then you have the hit maker track City Lights that had me speechless but love because it reminds you of music in it's purest form! Never let Go ft. Snipe this track is hot and giving the listeners what they want a track that goes hard for it's listeners! However it's BadHabit that will put you in a place that makes you think and reflect back on the world we live in, with the simple message that we all have problems. Play My Song ft. Twinn & Fatt this track concludes the mixtape but it's a great end to a great mixtape! So enjoy and download some of the greatest music coming out of New Orleans today!Numbers don't lie already reaching 6,883 downloads the fans must know something you don't, if you haven't already downloaded this mixtape! 

Download Link :

Addicted Freestyle - Lil Dee

Soul Ain't 4 Sale- Lil Dee

City Lights -Lil Dee 

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Songz Is My Name - The Mixtape

Trey Songz is always bringing the music the ladies love to hear and fellas love to grab their girls to get close to! Many tracks you should recognize like track # 5 "Wait" the hit song off Chris Brown's newest album 'Graffiti' this track also featured The Game. Then the remix of Snoop Dogg's hit track "I Wanna Rock" you know Trey had to put his spin on that! "Lemonade" you should recognize from Gucci Mane, he even teamed up with Mariah Carey to remix "Inseparable" we originally fell in love with this hit track, however Trey added that extra bonus and element to the classic hit! However we all know the hit track that is buzzing and the video for "Sex Room" is also featured on this hit mixtape! This track is featuring no other then Ludacris. The prince brought out Sammie to bring us "Put it on my tab"  it's official you'll be bobbing your head throughout the entire track and before you know the hook "Put it on my tab" will be stuck in your  mind! The hottest track that has been remixed to the max but never grows old "Turnt Up"  you know Fabolous had to bring the heat with Trey on this one! I wonder if Roscoe Dash knew this track would be the most duplicated and hottest track to hit airways?! The video had many buzzing and that kiss had many women wishing it was them on the other end! "Yesterday" was that track Toni Braxton made for he newly released album! And when she locked lip with Trey Songz on stage many women were jealous but can you blame them it's Trey! "Hood Love" has many speechless even the video was amazingly done, when your ready to just give up and walk away. However you can't cause the love that you two share is to strong to say goodbye to this is the original version! "Customer" by Raheem Devaughn we even remixed by Trey Songz he pulled out all the stops on this track! Makes you want to place your order at this restaurant and have Trey as your server! "Over" by Drake was even a hot featured track on this mixtape, and it's a worth addition to this mind blowing music lover's dream! "The Machine" was a hot track too and had a beat that was cold and the hook will have you thinking your a machine or at least wanting to be one! "Pack ya bagz" taking it down a notch on the mixtape to give you a taste of the Trey Songz we all have grown to love! He then gave us "Lonely" and "All my life"  both tracks makes you take it down another level and just let the lyrics wash over you while your mind meditates on the meaning!  The mixtape has 22 nonstop hot tracks that you can enjoy and hit repeat on daily! However you have to download to enjoy this hot mixtape so get your download on and enjoy!

Monday, May 17, 2010


What do you get when you combine musical talent, energy, and hotness? You get the just released mixtape entitled "Fan of a Fan" by no other then Chris Brown and Tyga! We have heard, even seen  a lot from these two and  the hits they have given us, let's just say this mixtape is too hot to handle!  The fans waited not so patiently but given the pure genius produced in every track I can see the anticipated rush to hear the finished product! Chris Brown and Tyga have given us hits such as "Gsh*t" and the video was the kick off to the summer. Meanwhile the throwback gear to the Oakland Raiders in the "Holla At Me"  video in the heart of LA with the fans that were invited out to be featured in the video. Chris Brown and Tyga then teamed up with Kevin Mcall to make "Deuces" the video is coming soon! We first saw Mcall and Chris Brown team up for the mixtape "In My Zone" which was released on Valentines day. Chris Brown has been very busy from VA Benefit concert which was amazing and helped many worthy great causes!  Tyga has been just as busy, but the collaboration of these two musically is untouchable these two have tapped into well music archive history! You'll be hearing these tracks for generations to come. Don't take my word for it but the music speaks for it self, and the beats are mind boggling they have you hooked then the lyrics wash over you like a personal theme some song!  Evey track is a repeat and a deserved continuous replay, you can't deny the hits within hours the downloads reached 3,051 in just Hours! So enjoy and make sure you get your download on don't miss out on great talent, and pure hits :
Track Listing
  Fan of a Fan 
  • Intro Talking - They are welcoming you into the hottest mixtape just released to the fans of great music! 
  • What They Want- The beat is like a band and your marching to the lyrics that have you willing to dance all night! Now keep in mind this may not be for the young ears, however it's a hit just the same! 
  • Drop Top Girl- A feel good song that makes you rock slow but gives you the same fire, and will have you wanting to just take your time with this track! 
  • Deuces- Is that track when you have had enough, the drama is enough! Saying goodbye is all you could do to free your mind! "I know your mad but so what!" is the line that has us all hooked, then Tyga brought it home "I'm not going to be the one you always run to."  Then Mcall finished it off but the theme, message, interrupted meaning is Deuces! 
  • No Bullshit- Enough said you know what this song is about, it's for the grown and sexy and it puts you in the mood to get down to business! No playing around or acting unfamiliar No Bullshit is all about getting it done when the mood is set!
  • 48 Bar Rap- The beat is engaging and the lyrics open up the track with mesmerizing lines from Chris Brown. The track keeps going as your put into a trance listening to greatness I hope your ready for this one! 
  • Ballin- Enough said but if not just keep listening cause this track is for those getting! Stacking  paper and  taking care of business, not mention the beat is super hot! 
  • Middle Talking- Chris Brown and Tyga playing around and giving us a chance to cool down between hot tracks! 
  • Ain't Thinking About You- This song is about when it's over, and getting the time to move on! Then moving and doing what we have to do to clear our mind of love lost! Guest artist Bow Wow makes an appearance on the track! This track is hot Chris Brown's voice sounds amazing and the beat has you really tuned in and holds you like a glove! 
  • Like A Virgin Again- Well this is for the grown and sexy! The intro let's you know that and then Chris leads you into a the song. Pretty much making your time like the first, getting the best of you no need to be shy! He slows it down with this track, but stills give you something to groove to and get close! 
  • Have It- The sirens shake you up, then your tuned into the track that has you dancing and engaged for hours! Now again I have to mention this track is for the adult, but it's a groove for hours! 
  • Number One- We all want to be Number One, the one you long for in the morning when we aren't there, and embraced when we are! When your the one he thinks about, even the motivation for why he does what he does.The simple things make him smile because your Number One! 
  • Make Love- The beat is engaging, and Chris brings it down the way he always does with the ladies wanting more and more. This track is all about making love, getting it all night long making the night all about you! Giving her all the control, making tonight about her even if it's just for the night making it last! 
  • I'm So Raw- Tyga opens with what he does best spitting bars of pure lyrical genius and giving the fans what they love most him! 
  • Movin 2 Fast- The break down into the world of fame, from those who live it! Tyga  really breaks it down in this track giving you a deep appreciation to the insight of their world in the lights. When things are just passing you by, you have a lot to learn and many ways to grow! 
  • I'm On It- The beat is pure fire it's different but the sirens once again catch your ears then the rest is all in the lyrics.Tyga  did his thing but was there any doubt about it I didn't think so! 
  • Regular Girl- This track is about when your just the type they like, your not in it for the fame, money, lights or even titles! When they get home from all the rush of a celebrity life they just want a friend who is there!  The track is brilliant and they just want to know how can they get to that girl that is just regular and not in it for the lights! 
  • Outro Talking- Just saying thank which is what they do because the appreciate all the fans that have supported them over the years, and they just want to say thank you, and have you stay tuned in!
    Behind The Scenes Of the Musical Genius at work

    Thursday, May 13, 2010


    Arizona has been in the middle of a battle since the passing of Senate Bill 1070 signed  by the Governor Jan Brewer. This new Immigration Bill is proclaimed by many to be the newest form of racial profiling. Meanwhile others feel that this law being passed is justified in their eye's. The Arizona Capitol has been packed for days with protesters since this law was passed, and many rallied together before this law was made in effect hoping to pursued Gov. Jan Brewer to reconsider signing the bill. Since this bill has been passed many companies, homes, and communities have been raided for the search of illegal immigrants.

    Sheriff Joe Arpaio has been quoted as saying "We have had this illegal immigrant training in place for years, and we are going to revise the training so it's not considered racial profiling."  Many have been questioning this statement seeing how they feel that cannot be possible! If your not racially profiling then how are you going about finding those illegal immigrants? Law enforcement officers are also against this Bill in fact there is a lawsuit pending now, however for as many voters against this bill and wanting this bill reformed or vetoed altogether there are just as many who feel it's justified and reasonable.

    The valley has been greeted by many activist and celebrities that are banning together against this bill. Shakirah was the first of many to come to the valley to speak with legislative member's about this very controversial  bill! Then Civil Rights movement leader Rev. Al Sharpton came to the valley and marched with the brother's in the Nation and the Hispanic community to rally against this violation of human rights! Phoenix Suns very own Steve  Nash is against this bill he has made statements "the law, in its current form, is something he's not willing to endorse." He is among many that feel this shouldn't be endorsed or encouraged that the state of Arizona has made a huge mistake.

    Arizona is being boycotted on many levels not just financially but they are losing major favor with other states.  Recently AZ lost the rights to hold the 2012 republican election convention Tampa Bay is now going to be given the privilege. Many states are claiming that we are too controversial and don't want the backlash for association! Many concerts, events, and even other sources of revenue for the valley are being pulled daily. The increased concerns of what's next lingers in the minds of those who fear the worst to come. Many others say that Gov. Brewer and other supports of this bill have brought this upon the valley. However the truth of the matter is that something has to be done but in a peaceful manner. The valley's protest have been peaceful and however the crowds grow among the heat of the valley. The opposing faces are stating to make an appearance, I was at the Capitol when member's of a hate group showed up however the police officer's escorted out the racially motivated group before violence could erupt! 
    Human rights should not be limited to the color of ones skin, gender, or sexual orientation your a human being so the rights are already given! This law has caused a stain not only on the valley of AZ but the very law making officials. Damage that may never be undone or removed from the minds! Something has to give and has to change so make your voice heard loud and clear let's not push human right to the back burner! 

    Wednesday, May 12, 2010

    The Khaliah Clark Interview


    This is the insight view to fashion, the industry, and the business from the women who is Heading beyond the stars. She's been in the fashion industry since 1999 and has worked with some of the biggest names! However her humbleness, honesty, and blessed talent for fashion and insight makes her a hit. It's an honor and privilege to say that I have interviewed her! She has accomplished so much but in her words "I'm no where near done or where I want to be in my career." Khaliah comes from a very talented family, and she is paving the way not only for them but those she believes in as well. I was nervous interviewing a women has not only accomplished so much in her career but that is so humble about her blessings. Make sure you look out for "Diary of a Fashion Stylist" the show that will give you the deepest insight to the world of glam. I appreciate the opportunity that Khaliah has given me the chance to interview her and the wisdom she provided we all need to hear!

    Khaliah Clark Services
    Celebrity Fashion Stylist
    Image Consultant
    Costume Designer  
    Product Placement Diva
    Event Coordinator 

    Friday, May 7, 2010

    Upcoming Events- Be There or Miss Out!

    Paradise Theater
    2403 Grand Concourse
    NY, 10468

     The Gates
    290 8th Avenue
    New York
    NY, 10001

    The Dream - Love King & Remix with Ludacris

    The Dream ft. Ludacris - Love King (Remix)
    Love King remix featuring Ludacris the video was colorful and had a very different twist then the original video. However The Dream always bring you the tracks that you can dance to, and with Ludacris it's a added bonus of hotness on the track!

    The Dream - Love King

    The Newest Video- What do think?

    Mary J Blige ft. Trey Songz - Hood Love
    We have all been there in love but you know your life  with them is craziness, but without them it would be miserable. You fuss and fight even threaten to walk away but when your at the door you cannot open it to leave. You look at them and know that the love you have there is nothing like it, being in their arms is the only place you feel safe and real love.  Sometimes we do not always say what is in our heart but when it comes down to it we show up with the actions that count more then words ever could! Mary J. Blige and Trey Songz what a combination so enjoy!

    Wednesday, May 5, 2010

    GloZell - The Queen of Comedy Interview

    GloZell: Where Comedy Is Beautiful
    Interviewed by: Geneva Relf

    Geneva: First let me say thank you for this opportunity. How are you doing today?

    GloZell: Great! The world is working in my favor. The better it gets, the better it sho nuff gets... LOL.

    Geneva: For those who have yet to be introduced to you, can you please introduce Yourself?

    GloZell: I am GloZell with over 857 videos I am the Queen of You Tube.

    Geneva: Now your a comic, can you tell us how you got your start?

    GloZell: I started by telling stories of how I grew up and people would fall out laughing. And everywhere I went from elementary school to University of Florida (Go Gators) people told me I am a comic. But I had no desire to be on stage by myself. I tried working with other actors in Florida but no one is going to take your dream as seriously as you are. So after dealing with actors who aren't as serious as I am, I realized I really have to move to California or New York. However New York is way too cold and I am very happy in California. Performing by myself.

    Geneva: When you take the stage, do you still get nervous or are you comfortable now on stage?

    GloZell: I am sick backstage. Can't eat, don't want to talk to anyone, stomach in knots... every time. It doesn't matter if it's 5 Thousand at a stadium or a few at a church. I'm a wreck. I'm fine when I hit the stage but a Hot Mess before.

    Geneva: Comedy cannot be easy how do you do it?

    GloZell: I make myself. Getting booked is the easy part. Then I have to promote promote promote. And be funny every time ... AHHHHHHHHH. So just getting on stage is more than most are willing to try.

    Geneva: Your Youtube videos are hilarious, how do you come up with your material?

    GloZell: Ha ha ha Geneva thanks for watching. All my videos are based on my real life exsperiences, my thoughts, and people I know.

    Geneva: Your signature closing to your videos how did that come about?

    GloZell: I loVed the fact that Carol Burnett tugged her ear at the end of her show. And I wanted something like her. I would just fall out if I met her. FALL RIGHT ON OUT. So I didn't know I was doing that until a friend of mine told me to stop it because it was annoying. Glad I didn't.

    Geneva: When did you realize that you had arrived in comedy?

    GloZell: When people are coming up to me and ask " Are you GloZell?" "May I take a Picture" LOL I love it when people come up to me instead of just staring or trying to sneak a picture. As long as people are nice, I don't mind taking a picture.

    The biggest is when Perez Hilton posted two of my videos ( I'm just tearing up because I have been doing videos for three years just knowing someone who could do something for me will find me) on Perez Hilton.Com. You never know who will help you. I was thinking Oprah, Tryra, Wendy Williams you know... a Sistah ... but I still got the Queen of Media ... ha ha ha.

    Geneva: Now you have a unique name, and I know your named after your parents. When you tell people your name do they believe you?

    GloZell: I explain my name every single day. NO JOKE when I say my name people think I made it up. That's why I start my Comedy routine with "Hi my name is GloZell Yes that is my real name" LOL ( G Please don't forget to put a capitol Z ... thanks... ooh I'm all Diva now chile)

    Geneva: How would you describe yourself? If someone wanted to know who the real you was how would you tell them?

    GloZell: A big kid. Adults never seemed fun to me so I didn't care to be one. I am how you see me on the videos. It's interesting now because I am recognized and people just stare waiting for me to do something funny. I sat next to this young lady at church and she text " I'm sitting next to GloZell" ... I leaned over and said yes you are. So I'm me... I am sure someone will tell me if I start to change. Geneva, if you interviewed my family, Ma'dear, Aunts, Uncles, Mom and sister... they will tell you I haven't changed. Always hanging where the people are having fun... no matter what group, gender, race or religion. If you like me... I like you.

    Geneva: You have been on many shows what was the highlight show for you?

    GloZell: Showtime at the Apollo... it's legendary. Monique' was hosting it then. The one I'm waiting on... the big highlight will be hosting Saturday Night Live!

    Geneva: What upcoming comedy, and shows can we look forward to?

    GloZell: Guess spots Tosh.O (Comedy Central) Howard Sterns, Sit-coms and Commercials ( Ooh if I could be like the Pine -Sol Lady cha ching! Ha ha ha) voice overs and MY OWN SHOW!

    Geneva: Who do you inspire to work with one day?

    GloZell: SNL, Robin Williams, Tim Conway, Tyler Perry, Jim Carry,Queen Latifah, Beyonce', Stevie Wonder, Bett Mitler, Barbra Streisand, CAROL BURNETTE, Gary Marshal, Tom Hanks, Russel Brand, Sasha Berren Cohen the list goes on and on...

    Geneva: Outside of comedy where else can we find GloZell?

    GloZell: At Starbucks... no really. I am letting my Fans/Friends know what Starbucks I will be chilling at and to bring your cameras. It's been working. A lot of my fans are young and can't come into the comedy clubs and it cost so much. I wanted to meet the people who post and enjoy my videos so this works out. Parents come and meet me also. It's a win win situation. Plenty of free parking, safe environment, great drinks.

    Geneva: When your doing your stand up what do you think makes you so relate able to your audiences?

    GloZell: I talk about issues that everyone else are talking about in their homes. Relationships, race, politics the whole nine without putting anyone down. I stopped going to clubs at one time because the comedy was mean. That's not my style but I respect that everyone can do what they want.

    Geneva: When it comes to dating is it easier inside the industry or outside?

    GloZell: OUTSIDE.... oh my... I have dated comics. NEVER on NEVER again. Okay never say never they can be in the industry but not an actor UNLESS it's Alec Baldwin.

    Geneva: Do you think it's harder for female comics to break into the industry?

    GloZell: Not now... oooh we are doing and doing it and doing it well. So many shows are using female comics. If you are persistent, your season is coming.

    Geneva: What's the next level for GloZell?

    GloZell: Financial freedom. I want a home, a car with two side-view mirrors, perfect husband and children. The American Dream. And a little dog too hee hee hee.

    Geneva: Now your friends with a major designer from Project Runway. Can you tell us how you two meet and became friends?

    GloZell: AH Koto I met her though a mutual friend and she and I hit it off. Koto is very very funny and we are Ba donky donk Sisters HA!!! ... I really enjoy spending time with her. LoVe her clothes.

    Geneva: Can you take us through a day in the life of GloZell?

    GloZell: I get up early around 5.30 6 AM and start answering fan mail, and comments from GloZell1 on You tube. Post a video and a funny statement on facebook, twitter, and my blog GloZell.Com. Then think of what happened that would make for a good video.

    Geneva: I have to ask "Peter in the Perk" how did that come about?

    GloZell: I wanted to do a Soap Opera... it was called Ghetto and Straight Lace. I was on my way to the Park/Perk to meet the actor playing Peter when I saw a car on fire so I picked up my camera... then realized I had on my Kool-aid hair so I went with it. While driving a car almost hit me and I glanced in the mirror and say my lips were chapped. I wasn't going to put that video up because I was looking a hot mess. One week I just didn't have any videos to put up and I put that one up and didn't look at it. Months later the hits were jumping by the thousands... it's close to 4 Million hits now. And the videos I did of Ghetto and Straight Lace never did as well as the one I didn't plan on doing or putting up. THANK THE LORD I didn't delete it. More people quote that video to me than any of my other 8 Hundred and fifty something videos.

    Geneva: "Naughty Girl" Stand up was hilarious do you try out your bits before you take them to the stage?

    GloZell: Girl No never! I wouldn't have the nerve to if I did. I think of something and go for it.I tell myself ... this has to be funny or else. I think that's why I'm a mess backstage. I am always trying something different.

    Geneva: Many actors, Comics, and artist have a routine if not superstition before they hit the stage do you have one?

    GloZell: Panic ... LOL I pray. I don't drink or smoke (never tried it) so prayer is what I do.

    Geneva: What is the craziest thing a fan has ever done or said to you?

    GloZell: let's see something I wouldn't mind telling the public. Geneva honey you know there are some way out people in the world. Oh I did a video about how I need to buy new bras... and someone wants to buy my old bras for 50 dollars each. I have nice fans... they make GloZell T-Shirts, live size GloZell cut outs, posters, they remake my videos, write songs about me. Very very nice group.

    Geneva: You are the Queen of Youtube, out of all your videos what is your favorite?

    GloZell: If I have to pick one it would have to be "My Push up Bra will help me get my man back."

    Geneva: What advice would you give to upcoming comic's?

    GloZell: Good Comics and Bad ones. So many bad, unfunny comics still make it. They have nerve to get on stage, get booed and keep going because that's what they want to do an they believe in themselves. So just keep going don't stop. Someone will find you and use you for something.

    Geneva: Thanks again for agreeing to this interview, and is there anything you would like to add before we go? Also don't forget to tell the people where to find you!

    GloZell :Thank you Geneva for wanting to interview me. I just like to say I appreciate the interest in my work. I am so gleeful that MILLIONS of people look at my videos, laugh and post them. Please check me out on GloZell1 on You Tube, Http:// , my blog and GloZell Green on Facebook.

    "My push up bra will help me get my man back" - GloZell

    Meet & Greet - GloZell

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    Beyonce- "Why Don't You Love Me"

    Beyonce is back and her newest song and video will take you back. The 60's seem to be the theme, and the video is a flashback. However the meaning in the lyrics is universal for any generation, you'll love this track ladies and gents. The question that has been asked many times after a relationship ends "Why Don't You Love Me?" Beyonce brought a colorful light to this question, so enjoy the new music video! Beyonce looks amazing in this video, and her fashion and style is always innovative and provocative! "Why Don't You Love Me" the question we all have asked at one point! This track was written by Beyonce's own sister Solange so enjoy!

    "Why Don't You Love Me" - Beyoncé from Beyoncé on Vimeo.

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