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Yes Ladies that is his body, and yes that voice that streams of sexiness matches! Trey Songz has graced the cover of Vibe magazine now this issue won't be out until April 15th. However just looking at the cover you can tell it's worth the buy! We all know Trey Songz for his outstanding voice and amazing videos that capture the imagination and naughty thoughts! However this young man is not just a sex symbol, his latest album "Ready" proved that he does have a soft side. That he's romantic, funny, and not afraid to seek out what he wants.
This is the behind the scene view of one of the hottest covers Vibe magazine has had in a while. Trey Songz is stepping up his game not only music wise, but he's really starting to appeal to the ladies as "Mr. Sexy"! We all want a man with the complete package and right now Trey Songz seems to be mr. right! So make sure you get your copy and hold on tight, and if you can't wait reserve your copy now!  Also look out for Trey Songz he will be in a town near you soon, so do not miss out.

Upcoming Events

April 9th
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April 11th
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April 16th
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April 23rd
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April 25th
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Nicki Minaj ft. Sean Garrett - Massive Attack

Who is having a year better or bigger then Young Money's own Nicki Minaj? First she took us all by storm with her talent and style! Now she is dominating our radios and videos with her featuring tracks or hot musical genius.  This young women is not taking no for answer so if you don't love her get ready to find a reason to love, because she irresistible! Usher recently featured her in his new video and song "Lil Freak" she looked amazing! Now "Massive Attack" is the video that shows Nicki Minaj in a whole new light, and it now makes even more sense why Ludacris had her in "My Chick Bad"! So enjoy the video and get ready this young lady has only begun to take over!

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Toya Carter’s Eight Month Rule | Entertainment Spotlight |

source: BET recently interviewed Toya Carter , and asked her "How soon is too soon?" She shocked many by her response, but gained respect for her honesty! I agree to her eight month rule, and feel more women should stand behind her. Many times we are intimate with someone then find out all the facts and details. This way you're avoiding that you're getting right down to the truth without the distraction of the physical! Most times more so in the industry your greeted by handsome opportunities, however it's not because your a great person but what you can do being who you are! Eight months is a longtime to test the waters but it's a sure bet to find out if they are willing to sink, swim, or jump  over board!

Most men will stick around for the first month maybe three before giving in to the needs. However if he really wants to know you and build a relationship he can wait on the expected intimacy and give you mental intimacy first! Besides for most women if you cannot reach us mentally we are out the door anyway, but now Toya Carter has really raised the bar. Ladies I hope you were paying attention it's time to make men work for it, and time to get to know someone without jumping in the bed to do it! Men do not worry not bashing you, maybe you should make her work for it too! We often think that men usually use us women in the business to get what they want, but women are doing it to climb the ladder to the top too! So let's all wait a little and get to know each other first, it will hurt less later knowing the truth now!
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Monica- First Night 

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Jayy Starr - Mixtape Coming Soon!

"Sincerely Yours" Mixtape coming soon 
Thanks to 
Blue Music Productions 
So keep your eyes out for the upcoming mixtape fully produced by Blue Music Production 
By Jayy Starr 
Also artist Interested in being on a mixtape 


#MemphisMusic Vol. 1 will be dropping in May! Send your submissions to for consideration. (Serious inquires only)

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SNEAK PEAK- Usher Newest Video "LIL FREAK"

Usher recently posted on twitter @UsherRaymondIV: - The wait is over, peep the "Lil Freak" video right now!#LilFreak.   
Once again raising the bar like only he can Usher has really turned music videos on again! You think the song would say it all, but then again this is Usher we are talking about. Usher not only gives you the lyrical imagery but then he shows you exactly what he means! The video takes place in what seems to be an underground club or party, with a cameo from Nicki Minaj who looks amazing by the way! The beat is amazing with that perfect dance vibe. You know it wouldn't be a video without Usher taking the time to dance and dance he does! The video is a classic hit in my book, no need to act like your not interested Usher has once again turned up the heat! So artist I hope your ready to compete with this video and the charts because it's a hit! So enjoy and feel free to comment!

JAYY STARR - Has Done It Again "Lost & Found" Mixtape

Download Here
Lost & Found 

Jayy Starr has done it again and this time she is not playing nice! She has stepped up the game for future rappers coming into the game sleeping! She has set the alert to those in the game letting them know that it's only a matter of time before she has their spot. This mixtape is a must download and if you already have get another copy just in case, let all your friends know they are missing out! Jayy Starr came with friends on this mixtape, beats that are too organic for words this young lady knows the sky is the limit so make sure your not in the way! "Lyrical Massacre" ft. Gutta was just that track the beat will keep your mind focused, while the lyrics will keep you thinking! Then "Take Me High" is a salute to ladies everywhere who know what to do, when to do it, and the men who take us there! 
"Down" Ft. Fresh B well enough said I think this track will take you to the next level. We have all been there when that special someone takes us to the next level physically but not ignoring the emotional! This mixtape is for the grown folks so sorry if your not mature enough to understand use caution! "Break Me Off" the beat is killer and has you from the jump, this track is about getting the money he can't give you! "Sideways" This song is a lyrical visual anyone with a dream can relate to this. Even when it seems others don't get your dreams you have to keep the focus alive! "Soft Courage" Enough said she is a humble young women she is not willing to compromise for the stars. She's not willing to dumb it down or even take it easy for those who feel challenged or threaten, so get on the bandwagon or get left behind! So enjoy and make sure you respect the talent this young lady is on her way, and you don't want to be the last to know!

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When Everything is a Fight (Being Sick & Tired)

He's Just Not that Good
He's just Horrible to you
By: Geneva Relf

MP3: Brandy – Who’s The Loser Now (Prod by Timbaland)

There are no shortcuts to love, there is no easy way to handle someone's hearts sometimes you have to walk away to see what it is you really have! The hardest part about being in a relationship is not knowing your placement with that person! Often times were given the responsibility but never the title! Many women often get caught up in the duties they forget to ask if their holding the title as well. I am sure many of you are reading this thinks, how would not you know? Well I am about to tell you how it's easy to get caught up! I am going to break down for you the signs, the complicated emotions, and the way out!  Also I will give the inside track mind of a player what to look for and how to avoid it for the future! By the time you finish reading this you will understand that sometimes it takes an outsider to call a foul on the inside!

The Signs 

Verbal Propaganda- If not you we know someone who has fallen for the verbal propaganda! Were the words are just so sweet before they turn ugly. A man on a mission will use whatever tactics it takes to accomplish his task, this means using you watch out! He will say things like "Babe your the best.", "Your an angel, to me." he will even take it further by telling you how special you are. Often times we hear this ladies and what? Melt we just fall head over heels for sweet words. However we forget to ask "What makes us so special, what about me is so angelic?" We often do not because we already the answers! Fellas fall for this too men often get caught up they underestimate women too much, letting their guards down leaving them open to pain!

The Call or Texting - Paging all Texting only ladies I know your out there! He will not call but he has the nerve to text you to death? When he needs something your phone is always going off, and it seems the minute you need him he has plans? These plans do not always include you, but if you're accepting text messaging its just to see if he really has you on a leash. He has not called in a week but has kept you on his leash, how you ask? He will text you good morning giving you a feeling of importance, but the lingering question is who is on other side of his morning? If he is really concerned do not text back see if he will call, however if you do not hear from him the text was just to see how really accessible you are to his expectations!
 The Calls  take place when he feels it your turn! Your number is like the lottery was pulled today you win a call from Mr.Want!  He will make the call seems as if your the only one he needs when in actuality it's just your hour!

Limited Visits- This occurs when your not the only lady in the camp, so unless you're willing to go camping your staying at home!

The Outing- Where is he taking you, but if you think about it sometimes it's where you're taking yourself? If you're always paying you're really dating yourself but with  handsome company! Where are you taking you?

Complicated Emotions 

The Insecure vibe- This happens when you're not being paid attention, when your no longer #1 to him but a name on a list of many! This emotion has many women willing to compromise their own self respect just to be heard or well appreciated!  This often happens when you do not know yourself worth or your value!

Shut Down- This is when the world is no longer important you grow numb! We women often shut down when a man we trusted has taken advantage of us! We aren't willing to let our guards down again instead we build walls will barbwire and electric gates to keep out the pain!

Getting out 

Discover yourself- We often fall for anything when we do not know our-self or what it is we really need! Players can smell fear,and insecurities a mile away if your afraid to speak your mind, trust me they will put the thoughts in there for you! So know yourself and never let someone become so much that your no longer important!

Letting Go- Once you move on stay gone, a lot of times men will do what it takes to gain your trust again just to slip back into the old ways  they are use to ! So move on stay gone do not allow yourself to be mistreated for sport!

Inside View 

1. Anyone who wants to make it work, will take the time and the effort it takes!

2.Pointless fighting happens when they want an excuse to cheat. Being free to do what they want while your mad!

3. Changing it up on you, happens when he/her is done playing a role! The real him/her will come out and forcing you to choose or adopt!

4. When your tears beat your smiles, they hope that the limited smiles you have out weigh the load of tears!

5. Questions when it seems there are more questions then answers reevaluation time!

6.Rules when you have all the guidelines and they have all the freedom something not right about that?

7. When your love is no longer a factor, when your feeling of security is slipping, when you're too tired to fight anymore!

8. When all they have is words, a kiss, or a touch it's over, they will hold you while you let them but eventually you will want more or at least you should!

MP3: Chris Brown – Submarine

The New Music Videos (What is your Opinion?)

Robin Thicke Ft. Estelle - Rollacoasta When you think of Robin Thicke the words of captivating artist comes to mind. Then you think of Estelle you think of a women who has soul and that x-factor to sell any song. Put these two together  you create a magic beyond words. These two took it up another notch with this song "Rollacoasta" The video gives you that vibe your there with them. Robin always makes his videos stand out by being far from what is being produced, and Estelle always adds that edge to make any video spark! The fashion was high end I wanted to know who did the wardrobe on this video shoot?

Gorilla Zoe - Day Dreamer 
Gorilla Zoe was missing in action for a while, but now he is back with a hit video and song. We can all relate to being a "Day Dreamer" at some point and wanting more or even wanting to be some where else. The idea of wanting more then what you have. The beat is a classic Gorrila Zoe joint, and the combination of genius lyrics and a hook that will stick with you for days. The video was just what you imagined the average life style vs. the Dreamer lifestyle which for many of us is always better until we wake up! 

T-Pain- Reverse Cowgirl 
Yes ladies and Gents, T-Pain has another hit track called "Reverse Cowgirl" enough said. T-Pain surprised us all with the video layout, see most artist would have used this time to really play out some fantasies. However not this time, the video was done in a very artist way. The women were dressed in very designer, high fashion clothing. The video was very simple but with a song like "Reverse Cowgirl" you don't need much more then an imagination. "RevolveR" is the upcoming anticipated album but T-Pain hitting stores this summer this is one of many tracks that will be featured.

Lady Gaga ft. Beyonce
"Telephone" is the newest video from these two talented collaborating divas! Now for many the video pushed the envelope and for others it was just a sample of the boldness to come. However we have all had that person in our life where we just wanted them to stop calling and leave us be! Well this video took it there with special appearances from some big names!  The video was a combination of the retro 70's vibe with an Kill Bill, but no matter how you feel about the video the song is a hit and the radio stations are really getting the buzz!

Video Preview : Fabolous - Mr. RIP
The name says it all, but the video sets the tone for it, and you won't be disappointed. Fabolous has done it again he has taken another track into gold! Many claim that Fabolous is the most under-rated rapper known to date, that he's not given the credit he deserves in the business today! However with songs like these the public will have no choice but to stand up and recognize his ability!

Antonio Nodar - The Photographer

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, They say that photographer have the best sight when it comes to capturing that beauty. They see the world as a photo, every chance is an opportunity to capture the lightness or the darkness of the image they seek. Photographers see the artistic angle to thing around them, the very things we see daily cause a spark in their imaginations that they much capture. Think about the flowers you see blooming daily you never take a second look or glance. Then let a photographer capture that same set of flowers with the light glaring over it as the shadows peek from underneath, its a beauty you see everyday but brought to light by a camera. Images trigger memories, a feeling, and even sometimes a cause for action pending on the image. Antonio Nodar is no different but the definition of what a great photographer is and can be. His images not only stir the imagination but peak the curiosity for more, and more.  He has been working with BOosHiE BagZ  in their campaign to end violence with fashion. From the images above you can see some of the photos capturing the new line of bags created by  BOosHiE BagZ over in the United Kingdom.  You can find more of Antonio Nodar and his work here:
So enjoy the artistic view of the photographer who is not afraid to see the beauty we are afraid to capture with plain sight!

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KHLEO THOMAS -(While You Were Sleeping, He Was Taking Your Spot)

Guess who is making head way in the music business more importantly changing the game? KHLEO THOMAS yes KHLEO THOMAS we all first met him on the once hit show "Kids Say The Darnest Thing" he captured us with that smile and charm. He is all grown up now, and him is taking the game by storm. We first heard his skills on the hit movie "Holes" who knew the kid had major flow? Yet it's been a passion and dream that took over when he met Shad Moss or better known "Bow Wow" on the set of "Roll Bounce". Further shocking fans by showing up on stage at the "Scream Tour" many fans just could not believe their eyes, however they surprise was worth it and pleasing.

This young man is proving he is more then an actor,activist,but a multi-talented young man who can do anything he imagines. His music reaches you at a level that completes the link that was missing. He is that future many artists feared was coming, he has changed the game from the underground, now hitting it mainstream with the brightest green light! He is rumored to be signing with SODMG which is Soulja Boy's label, talk about a label with unstoppable talent. His lyrics are organic, his rhymes are the hearts therapy, while his beats are the minds oasis to real music again! This young man is untouchable, his humbleness is commendable, taking everything one step at a time but busting through the doors with no regrets. His mixtape "The World Is A Cartoon" hit record break numbers in just hours, and by the weeks end the mission was accomplished! You cannot stop him or deny his talent this young man has proven that if he wants it, watch out it's only a matter of days before he has it and doing it better!So haters don't take it personally it's just business and he is the money!

Khleo Thomas


City Haze the Future of NYC
Interview By: Geneva Relf

Geneva: City Haze thank you for agreeing to this interview today!

City Haze: No problem ! Thanks for being interested !

Geneva: Now your from NYC the home of many great legends do you feel that pressure sometimes being from there?

City Haze: It is what it is . I think there's enough pressure from just being an Artist on a fast come up , staying consistent and trying to remain in the loop of things . As far as the Hip-Hop itself , of course there's a lot of pressure representing the Mecca where it all started . Now a days everybody wants to be a rapper and but there are some who don't understand the difference between Rap being the genre and Hip-Hop being the culture.

Geneva: Now how did you come up with the name "City Haze" ?

City Haze: There's no crazy story behind it . City represents being the future of NYC and as far as Haze...At this point in my career it's just so catchy and it sounds good when females call me by it. (Laughs)

Geneva: Now you have few new projects out already, "Tell Me Whats Good" Ft. K.O. and " Lost In Tokyo" with all the buzz about these tracks how do you feel?

City Haze: Im still very humble about it but at the same time I feel very accomplished . The release/promo campaign that was set up for these records went just as planned . One record was for the Hip-Hop community & the other leaned more towards mainstream consumers . I played a card and it was the PERFECT move ! They are completely two different records and fans were introduced to my versatility and creativity as an Artist .

Geneva: Now "Lost In Tokyo" was produced by the legend RZA (Wu-Tang) what was it like working with him?

City Haze: For true Hip-Hop lovers who wouldn't want to work with The RZA? For 2010 I wanted to start the year off releasing something that was very left field and "Lost In Tokyo" was the perfect direction . Some only know City Haze for releasing smooth cut Hip-Hop/R&B records . So I decided to take it back to straight up lyricism on this one and for RZA to be behind the boards is a blessing . I believe "Lost In Tokyo" is already labeled as an City Haze classic .

Geneva: You have been featured in many magazines so far, when did it hit you that your a star? That your music is getting recognized?

City Haze: Last summer in 2009 me and my publicist were invited to an Magazine release party . It was actually my first red carpet as well . It was strictly for fashion but it amazed me that a lot of people who attended actually knew who i were . These one set of females who we introduced ourselves too went crazy once my publicist said "And this is City Haze" (Laughs) from that moment on I knew I was born to be a star . To go somewhere and feel appreciated for doing something that you actually have a passion for...there's nothing like it !

Geneva: Being young in the industry do you feel that the pressure is on now more then ever to be great in the studio?

City Haze: They say when your young is when your most marketable, so I guess so . I will always do music ! Nobody can ever convince me to stop doing what I love . I take the word "Pressure" seriously but it doesn't intimidate me . In my eyes the word "Pressure" applies when it comes to keeping fans attached to your music .

Geneva: Who do you aspire to work with in the future?

City Haze: Honestly..I'll work with anybody as long as it's good music . Me being a major fan of R&B/Pop music I would definitely be willing to work with Ryan Leslie , Jamie Foxx , D'Angelo , Keri Hilson , Pharrell , Justin Timberlake , Chromeo and many more.

Geneva: Now your a busy young man, so what upcoming projects can we look forward to next?

City Haze: I have a few new records and new videos to drop before the street album "Star Of The City" releases on May 10th .Other than that I will mostly be doing a bunch of shows through out the Spring and Summer .I'm thinking about releasing a mixtape but I don't want to really jump the gun on that just yet .

Geneva: When it comes to being a artist what do you think is the biggest hurdle most of you face?

City Haze: Besides new artists trying to break-out & shine in the music industry....I honestly believe that to many artists focus on trying to fit in instead of just standing out . When I first started back in 2008 I knew exactly what I wanted to do and how I would use my personality to the best of my ability . For those who follow my music it's pretty clear to them what type of person I am . The word "Image" plays a major role in an artists career and it's up to him/her how they paint it .

Geneva: Now you also write your own lyrics correct? Do you feel your audience understands you better that way?

City Haze: Yes I write my own lyrics and my audience definitely understands me better that way ! Especially when it comes to females (Laughs) . Most females first impression of me is "cool , laid-back and smooth" and that's how I am on a regular basis . For those who have heard previous records that were a bit more serious...those songs showed that even though im laid back & cool I still have my up's and downs just like any other human being . So with that being said...Music to me and to millions more is the best way for somebody to openly express themselves .

Geneva: Now the ladies are going to want to know, is City Haze taken or just being borrowed?

City Haze: Borrowed like sugar in the hood , hahaha!

Geneva: Thanks again so much for taking the time to do this interview. Is their anything you would like to add before we close out?

City Haze: Once again thanks for being interested and for everyone else feel free to check me out at and tweet me at .

It was a pleasure to interview such a humble young man, he is a very talented young man so make sure you keep your ears out for him! He said it best "Now a days everybody wants to be a rapper and but there are some who don't understand the difference between Rap being the genre and Hip-Hop being the culture."  I agree with that statement, well hope you enjoyed learning more about City Haze who is becoming the future of NYC sooner then you think!

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DRESS ME- Where Sexiness meets Elegance

This is just the beginning the newest ways to be sexy and classy! Dress Me is owned by two sisters who know what it takes to step it up a notch. PJ & Crystal are the women to meet the needs either you're going out to the club,headed out on the town,setting up the night for someone special whatever your needs Dress Me has it all! They even have costumes that are a class above your average costume shops, plus you will not find these anywhere else. With summer coming up you're going to want to look extra amazing and with a clothing line that fits all types you cannot afford to turn this down! Now the spring is here and the weather is getting warmer now is the time to put your best foot forward with the hottest line out there!

☆ BOosHiE BagZ☆ - The Fashion Line Against Violence

The Fashion Line Against Violence, where style not only inspires change but does it with a flair! BOosHiE BagZ was originally created to raise money for a workshop to educate,motivate, and encourage positive thinking in youth in the United Kingdom. Toni the creator of  BOosHiE BagZ saw the increasing violence among the teens as well youth in the UK pushed her further into making this work. She created an idea to not only provide a trade to these under privileged youth but giving them a chance at a better life. So enjoy the stylish bags the originality of creations. The Fashion Line Against Violence where you have a choice to do something positive over the  negative. Please help support this great cause by buying one of these designer handbags, by buying one of these bags you're supporting a youth for a second chance at life!

Neighbors Know My Name - Trey Songz (New Video)

Trey Songz has stepped up his video game to another notch! We first received a glimpse  of Trey Songz sexy side when "Invented Sex" came out that video put Trey Songz on the map. Many ladies were already dazed by his voice but then he added the element of sexiness. He was that young handsome man that turned the charm on with his music, then had you captured with those eyes. Now he has many wondering if well, that steam can get any steamier? "Neighbors Know My Name" was that video that was borderline needing censors but it was hot just the same. Besides what was not in the edit version trust many had in their imaginations. So you be the judge on the new video, but sit back and hold tight because I am sure that this video is just a stepping stone to what is to come!

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