Saturday, December 19, 2009

Frankie J Last Night

Last night Arizona had the heat, and I'm taking about the temperature either ! In downtown AZ at the very popular new spot Stoudamiers Frankie J headlined the stage! He performed  his new single off his upcoming highly anticipated album. The single is called "Crush" it will be available on i-Tunes on Monday! He stole the hearts of every women there and had the ladies screaming on every song! They even had a couple woman storm the stage and few tried to jump on, but show was amazing! Frankie J is coming back with a new album and sound, with ballades for the ladies and slow jams to get close! He's new single has the ladies already melting for more and more, the wait is too much for some! The album is due to be released in 2010 and the single will be dropped Monday for all to download on i-Tunes! The Show was amazing and Frankie J is beyond a great guy and loves his fans among supporters! So make sure you go download this hot single on Monday called "Crush" The in 2010 go buy the album. Me and my good Friend Frances enjoy close stage action while the house was packed and filled with Frankie J Fans, the show was amazing can't wait until the album comes!


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