Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Mary J. Blige - I AM

December 21st
I AM - The Hit Single

Mary J. Blige really stepped it up with this single. She brought out the Old Mary J. Blige we love but this time she added a little more for us faithful fans! She gave us women an anthem to live by "The One" ft. Drake many stood up proclaiming what they should have known! The Queen of R&B is back and her thrown was cold, but no longer! She's back and shinning a new light on love and life altogether. Her newest single from  her anticipated album "I AM" is saying that leave if you won't but you'll find out I'm the Best you'll ever get! She gave lovers a songs to think about before they walk away and give up. You can pre-order her album now off Amazon.com and stock those stockings now! So make sure this is one more album on your must have list!

Joe - Can't Get over You

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He's back ladies yes Joe is back and his new is amazing! Joe has made us fall in love, want to be lovers, and even go as far to break up for good! He's had that magical voice that tames the heart, and keeps you wanting more and more! He's given us non-stop hits and countless songs to hold dear to our hearts! Now he's back with "Can't Get Over You" and I know we have all been there before! When the one you want has slipped out of your grasp! You want them back no matter where you go, or even what you do they are glued to your brain and heart! So enjoy Joe's comeback track the video is timeless!

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